Friday, December 31, 2010

Our New Years Eve Party!

Hi, its me, Trixie! Since I am the next oldest, I get to be the second one to write in our new blog!

We have already made lots of new friends because of this blog... and we've learned that having a blog is a lot of work! But Mama said it was about time we got a hobby, anyway.

Its New Years Eve! I am not sure I like New Years Eve. Someone is shooting off fireworks on the next street from us, and it is freaking me out! Mama keeps petting me and hugging me, but I am still kinda scared. Its like the Fourth Of July all over again!

I wanted to tell you what we're doing for New Years Eve. But first I have to tell you a secret about Mama, and why we are very special pets.

We all took a vote and we think Mama is wonderful the way she is. But she says her brain isn't quite right for the human world. She has a lot of problems with paying attention and making good decisions, and she gets nervous and sad a lot. That's why she doesn't like to go to crowded places, and why she isn't going to any parties tonight even though the other humans in the house are all going out.

We are special pets because we are Mama's Psychiatric Support animals. We keep her company and help her to not freak out. Us dogs can even go places with Mama sometimes. Lily gets to go more places than me because she is smaller and more portable than me. (But I am definitely a better protector than Lily, because I am bigger!)

Tonight Mama wants to stay home and spend New Years Eve with us. Thats why we love her! We're going to watch movies and eat cookies all night!

Do you want to hear one more secret? Don't tell Sammy-Joe this, but Mama is totally allergic to cats. She has to take a medicine every day because his fur makes her go ACHOOOOO fifty million times! Mama says don't tell Sammy-Joe this because it might hurt his feelings, and she loves him even though he makes her sneeze. She says when Sammy-Joe is mad at us dogs, he makes her sneeze even more than usual! Can you believe that?

Those fireworks are really making me nervous, so I am going to go hide under a chair or something. See ya later!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hi! My name is Sammy-Joe. My Mama said that, since I'm the oldest, I get to be the first one to write in the blog. I am writing this while the silly dogs are wrestling around and biting each other. I wish they'd be quiet so I can think straight! 

We wanted to let you know that we've been very busy putting ourselves on some social networking sites. You can find a list of all of our sites here. If you belong to any, or you join one, let us know, because we'd love to friend you! We love to have friends! (I'd actually rather have friends online, and not in real life. When other dogs and cats get too close to me, I get kinda nervous, and I might have to hiss at them!)

Make sure you check out the other cool things in our sidebar, too! We put a widget on there. Every time you come to our blog, you'll see a different pet who needs a home! You can also go to the Petfinder website and do a search for a pet near you who needs a home. Any pet you want... dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles... can be found on there! Trixie was adopted from a shelter, and before that she came this close to being put to sleep just because there were too many unwanted pets in the pound where she was staying. So, finding families for homeless pets is very important to us, and to our Mama! 

You can also play with Lucy, our virtual lion cub. If you click on "more", in the bottom right corner of her little box, you can feed her a steak! And then, if you want, you can come to my house and feed me some steak! 

Also, if you click on the Google ads anywhere on our site, we get paid... just a little tiny bit, each time you click. Mama says she's going to use some of that money to pay for our food and toys and things, and she's going to donate some of it to Almost Home Foundation, which is the organization that rescued Trixie from that pound that wanted to put her to sleep. So we'd really appreciate it if you clicked on those ads when you come here! 

So. Anyways. Does anyone have any great plans for the New Year? Any New Years resolutions? I think my New Years resolution is going to be to stop spending so much time hiding under the basement stairs, and start going out into the rest of the house again. I used to run this house, until my mama brought home that new little dog! I know, she's smaller than me. Can you believe a dog being smaller than a cat? But she's noisy! Mama says that Lily won't hurt me, and that if I just chase her away once or twice, she'll actually be scared of me

Not that I'm scared of Lily! I'm not afraid of any dogs! But she's just too noisy for me. I prefer my peace and quiet. 

Anyways, since I am the first one to write in this blog, I thought I'd try making a poll for you readers to vote on. You can find it right below this post. The poll is about what kind of pets do you like best? Mama said I had to put in a choice that says you like dogs and cats equally, because she loves us all the same. But tell the truth... you like cats best, right? 

I'm bored. I'm going back to my fort. Bye!

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