Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Mama's Blog

Hi everyone! Sorry we haven't been blogging much lately... its been a combination of Mama feeling sad a lot lately, plus her having to do a lot of babysitting and petsitting, and then when she comes home she just wants to look at the TV and pet us. Mama's taking some time off now though, so we will be catching up on our blogging!

Also... although we think its weird that Mama would start another blog even though she barely helps us with ours, Mama has started her own blog. Its going to be about her experiences going through depression and anxiety and other mental mumbo-jumbo. We might be mentioned in it, of course, but its going to be more or less anonymous, so that people Mama knows, such as prospective employers, relatives, etc, don't see it and think Mama is crazy... its going to be a blog where she can explain herself, and also what its like to have depression, etc. 

So... Mama is not telling the general public at all about this blog... but since you guys are all our bestest friends, she said we could tell you! She doesn't want to type the address on this blog. But she said, if any of you wants to read it, all you have to do is email us, and we can whisper it in your ear. You could leave comments on it too, you don't have to just sneak in and out. She mostly doesn't want, for instance, to someday be applying for a job as a teacher, and have a boss say, "Well, I read in your blog about how you did this and this and this, so that doesn't sound like you'd be a responsible teacher."

In other news... Mama has been petsitting for brand new puppies! They belong to a mama dog who was rescued by the organization Mama volunteers with. When they rescued her, they didn't know she was pregnant. Then she said, "SURPRISE! Here's seven more just like me, but smaller!" The first time Mama puppysitted them, they were three weeks old. Now they are six weeks old. Probably on Sunday, Mama will be posting lots of pics... except she says they are super hard to take pics of with her phone, because they are always moving!!! She also took a movie of them, but her movie camera is old and you can't put it on the computer. Then Mama thought maybe she could put the movie on the TV, and use Gramma's camera to take a video of the TV! It might be very complicated. There is one special one who looks a lot like our angel sister, Chopper!

OK... so... if you want to visit Mama's most toppest secretest blog, remember to email us. But if you don't, Mama won't be mad or anything. As for us, we hope we'll make it bag to our blog ASAP to write some more! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting The Operation

Hi everyone! This post is... awkward! But we are writing it to see if anyone could offer words of wisdom and comfort for our over-anxious Mama.
You see, Lily has never been spayed. 
The reason? Well, remember, for the first eighteen months of her life, she legally belonged to the people Mama lived with, and those people had no plans to spay her. (Remember, their negligence to spay their first dog or neuter their second dog was how they ended up with Lily in the first place!) 
When Mama ended up with Lily, she had about zero dollars saved up. What she did have, she spent getting Lily her first vaccinations (also never given to her or any other dogs by her previous owners) and to register her (one more thing never done) so that Lily could never be taken away from her. 
Mama knew about some low-cost spay and neuter clinics in the area, but she was nervous about them. Rightly so in some cases... one of them ended up being mixed up in an incident involving a "rescue organization" where twenty dogs, three birds and an opossum starved to death and another emaciated six were found alive. Mama didn't want to trust her baby to just anyone!
And then, Lily had her first heat, back in March, which meant Mama had to wait a while anyways in order to get her spayed. 
But now everything is coming together. Mama has gotten a "spay certificate" for $90, and Grampa has offered to pay for another $100 for medications and bloodwork associated with the spaying. Mama went online and found a veterinarian that would take the spay certificate, that has tons of positive reviews and no negative stories connected to it. (Unfortunately, our family veterinarian will not take the spay certificate.) Everything should be okay, right? 
But Mama, of course, is totally nervous. She's really worried about Lily getting the surgery, especially since she has to get "put under." She's really a worry wart about Lily. You should have seen her the day she took Lily to get her vaccinations... when the lady explained the risks associated with the shots, Mama just about started crying! So of course, thinking about her little dog actually getting put under and then having a major operation is making Mama a little sick. She's having horrible visions of being told that little Lily didn't make it through the operation! Even though both of our big sisters, plus Trixie and Sammy-Joe, were all spayed without incident... Mama is afraid, since Lily is so tiny, she has less of a chance of survival. 
We know Mama is being silly. But maybe if she hears it from some of you, she will feel better! 

(Also... about BlogPaws... we're probably not gonna go after all. If none of you guys are going, whats the point?)

Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe

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