Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lily's Vacation Pictures

Hi everyone! We weren't allowed to post it on the blog because Gramma and Grampa didn't want anyone to know the house was empty, but we have already been on our big "vacation!" We all survived! In fact, Mama even managed to relax a little, and she had fun swimming at the hotel. She says she had the pool all to herself, most of the time, so she got to practice her back float! 

Lily stayed at a doggy boarding place right near our house. Its called Baxter And Beasley, and it is run by a family. They also have a doggy day care there. We posted before how Lily was going to visit the doggy day care a few times before she actually slept over! Mama's favorite thing about Baxter And Beasley is that they take pictures of the dogs in the day care all day long, and post them on Facebook at the end of the day. So if you "like" them on Facebook, while you're away you can check out what your dog has been up to! Mama said that it made her feel a lot better, each day when she was at the hotel, to come home after student teaching and check out the Facebook page. She actually saved some of the pictures so we could show you. Wanna see? See if you can spot her in each of these pictures! (There is a whole bunch of them!)

The blurry dog next to Lily in this picture is her good friend Vita. They really liked playing together! 

We think this dog looks like the His Master's Voice dog! 

Can you spot Lily in this picture?

Lily hanging with the big dogs! 

Someone was about to give Lily a treat! 

Where's Lily? She's very tiny. 

Do you see her way over by the wall, with her friend Vita?

Chilling with Vita again.

Hey, who does this dog remind you of???

The rest of us didn't get any pictures taken, but we did have a pretty good time! Sammy-Joe got lots of sleep, and Trixie had a nice visit with her friend Susan from the vet's office. Mama sent us all with our overnight bags, full of the blankets she had slept with to get her smell on them, and a few toys! We all did fine. And now its over. Lily says she kind of misses her doggy day care, actually... but Mama has promised she can go back to visit!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Mama is student teaching, and she's busy every minute writing her lesson plans or making things for her lessons! She's exhausted! She did take us outside in the backyard for a few hours today to enjoy the nice weather. We will try to grab some time to come visit all of our friends' blogs in the next few days! 

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