Thursday, February 23, 2012

Operation: Send Lily On Vacation!

Hi everyone! This is Trixie! Long time, no blog! Mama has been so busy with her student teaching and her big project, she hasn't had time to help us. Usually when she comes home from student teaching, she just collapses and falls asleep... and on the weekend she just works on her project! :(
I do have some weird news! Gramma and Grampa are getting the floors in the house fixed. While the people are in the house fixing it, nobody is allowed to be in it. So, Gramma, Grampa and Mama have to go stay in a hotel for a few days! And Lily, Sammy-Joe and I also have to find places to stay. (We can't go to the hotel because we'd have to be alone in the hotel room all day while the humans are at work, and Gramma is afraid we'd either destroy the place, or the housekeeper would let us out by accident, or some other nonsense!)
I am lucky because a nice lady who works at my vet's office wants me to come stay with her for a few days! I will get to sleep at her house, and hang out with her on her days off. On the days that she works, I will get to go to the vet's office with her. Sweet deal, right?
Sammy-Joe, on the other hand, has to stay at the kennel at the vet. Luckily, he doesn't mind being in a cage too much. It reminds him of the cardboard boxes he loves to sleep in all the time at home. Mama will send him with his special blanket. She's going to sleep with the blanket a few nights ahead of time, so it will smell like her and he will be able to think about her while he's at the kennel!
Lily, on the other hand... well, Lily has special issues. She's never stayed anywhere except with Mama, or with Gramma and Grampa, in her life! Mama is afraid that if Lily stays at the kennel, she'll get really upset, and when they go to take her for a walk outside she might squiggle out of her collar and run away. Well, she really might! So Mama is sending her to a doggie hotel!

The difference between the kennel and the doggie hotel is that, at the doggie hotel, Lily will be able to play with other dogs all day long. She'll only have to be in a cage at night, and she'll be so tired she'll sleep the whole time! Also, instead of walking her outside by a busy street where she could get away, Lily will be going to the bathroom (and playing) in a fenced-in play area that is impossible to escape from! 
So... Lily doesn't know she's going to the doggie hotel yet. We're trying to break the news to her slowly. The operation has multiple steps.
Step 1: Lily had to go to the vet and get all her vaccinations updated! She had her rabies shot already, but the doggie hotel requires dogs to get bordatella and distemper vaccinations as well. Lily also got a complete physical exam. The vet says she's a little chubby, but otherwise in great health!

Step 2: Mama went to take a tour of the doggie hotel. She told them how nervous she was about leaving tiny little Lily and that she needs to know Lily will be in really good hands. The people there suggested Lily come in for a few days of day care, so she could get used to the place before she has to actually stay overnight there!

Step 3: Lily went to doggie day care for three hours. Yes, three big whopping hours! After that Mama  went into withdrawals and had to go pick Lily up! The people said Lily did really well and played with all the other dogs! They even snapped a few pictures of her! As you can see, Lily likes hanging out with the BIG dogs! 

I think that dog smiling in the background might be Lily's body guard!

Step 4: Next week, Lily will spend a full day at doggie day care while Mama is at student teaching. Mama will pick her up at the end of the day and she won't have to sleep there.

Step 5: Mama will drop Lily off at the doggie hotel, and not pick her up at the end of the day! Thats when I'll be with my friend from the vet's office, Sammy-Joe will be at the kennel, and the humans will be at the human hotel.

Friends, Mama is freaking out about this! She can't stand having to be away from all of us! She says she's going to cry all night long, every day. However, she also said she is kind of looking forward to going swimming at the hotel. At least if she's in the swimming pool, all her tears will wash away!  

I'll keep you updated on how it goes!

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