Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cute Doggies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look who is back, better than ever?

Hi everyone! Its me, sweet and adorable little Lily! Trixie wrote yesterday to update you when I was done getting spayed, but I just wanted to write and say thanks, myself, for all your good wishes.
Today was a nice day! My Mama made sure she had the day off from school and working so she could be with me! Even though she had lots of homework to do, she did it on the couch with me laying right next to her. Every time she needed to go upstairs for something, she carried me with her! And... you know how after you get spayed, you have to take medicine? I have two kinds I have to take, an antibiotic and pain killer. Well, Mama knows I won't just swallow a pill on my own, so she sneaks it into delicious foods. For instance,

this morning I had my pills in some soft Cesar Canine Cousine food... a real treat for me! Trixie also was happy, since Mama gave her some Canine Cousine too. Hers didn't have pills in it, but Mama didn't want to make her watch me eat something so great!
Then, tonight, Mama gave us cottage cheese. This time I was too smart for her. I found one of the pills in the cottage cheese, so I just sucked the cottage cheese off and left it on the plate! Mama was like, "NOOOOO!" Then she gave us another treat... Monterey Jack cheese. Of course mine was wrapped around the pill, but I barely tasted it. Me and Trixie were so happy!
I am feeling way, way better now. Although I spent most of the day sleeping and being carried around, I am now on top of my game! I've been tusseling with Trixie, playing with my little tennis ball, eating lots of food, and even took a whole walk around the block! Mama says she's so happy that I'm acting like I'm not in any more pain, at
least most of the time!
Tomorrow, Mama has to go to school and then work, but Gramma will be home with me, making sure I don't chew on my stitches. (I've been trying really hard not too... a few times I started to but Mama reminded me, really quick, and I stopped. I sure don't want to have to get a Cone Of Shame!)
Here is a picture Mama took of me a few hours ago. Don't I look like I'm feeling so much better?

Anyway, thanks for all your nice comments! I love you all so much!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Update On Lily!

Hi everyone! Its Trixie! I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts on Lily's last post, where she announced that she was going to be getting spayed!
Well, the surgery is over, and Lily is safely home!
It went well. The nice people at the vet called our Mama exactly at 11:30 to let her know that Lily was okay and that everything was over. When Mama went to pick her up, they told her that Lily was a really good doggie and hadn't been chewing on her stitches or anything.
Then, the vet brought Lily out to Mama. First, Lily was happy to see Mama, and licked her and everything... and then, to Mama's surprise, she kept looking at the vet (it wasn't Dr. Amy from last time... in fact maybe it was a technician or something...) and kind of leaning towards her, with a happy look in her eyes! Mama laughed and said, "Oh, you like the vet?" The vet said, "Well, we were cuddling back there for a while." Isn't that sweet? The vet was cuddling with Lily and Lily liked her? Mama says she's going to be bringing Lily back to that doctor's office for all her medical needs. (I, on the other hand, have to keep going to the usual vet where Grampa takes me, but thats okay, because I like it there.)
Anyway, little Lily seems a little tired and dazed. She has been resting on our dog bed, but she keeps on getting up and wandering around slowly, looking bewildered. Mama says thats from the medicine the vet gave her!
The vet said Lily shouldn't jump around, and that she shouldn't eat a ton of food and drink a ton of water. So thats why Mama has been staying upstairs with Lily (to keep her from going up and down the stairs.) Mama also put some food and water in separate dishes upstairs, so Lily could get to them easily. I was a little worried that Mama was giving Lily t
oo much food and water right away... so I ate and drank most of it, just to be safe. I am such a good big sister!
Anyway, Mama is so relieved that Lily made it through!
Here's a pic she took of Lily a few minutes after she got home! Does she look a little "out of it?"

We will keep you updated! Thanks again for your pawsitive thoughts... it really made us all feel better when we read them the night before Lily's surgery!
See ya soon!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tomorrow Is My Big Day!

Hi, everyone! Its me, little Lily!
So, tomorrow is the big day for me! Mama got a low cost spay certificate from Friends Of Animals,  and last week I went to the vet to get my preliminary physical exam. The vet who saw me was really nice! Her name was Amy. She was really gentle and she said I was so cute and so brave! Dr. Amy said I am a very, very healthy dog... except that I need to lose about 2 pounds. (Maybe its from all those treats!) She said the spay surgery is so safe, and  its very, very, very, very rare for things to go wrong, especially for a dog as healthy as me!
Tomorrow, at 7:30 am, Mama will be dropping me off. I know Mama is so worried about it. Its also her first day back at school, and she thinks she's going to be worrying about me while she's in her class... but Dr. Amy promised to give Mama a call as soon as the surgery is over, so she can quit worrying! Then, at 4:30 pm, Mama will be able to pick me up (the spay certificate doesn't cover an overnight stay, but Dr. Amy said it will be better for me to go home anyway because she can see I'm so attached to Mama) and she has the whole next day off to spend with me!
Today Mama spent time playing outside with me and inside, and she even got me and Trixie each a new toy! She found these toys at Petsmart... the big giraffe was holding the baby giraffe, but Mama pulled them apart so we could each have one. She said, when she saw that toy, she thought, "How cute! A big giraffe and a little giraffe... and I have a big dog and a little dog! Perfect!"
Of course Trixie is nibbling her big giraffe, which is what she does with all her toys. Nibble nibble nibble!

And of course I took my little giraffe and started shaking it like crazy! I stopped shaking it for one minute for the picture because Mama said when I shook it the picture would come out all blurry. 

The bad news is, I also had to take a bath... because Mama said she didn't want me stinking for Dr. Amy. (I get dirty easily because Trixie likes to chew on me when we play! The other bad news is, I cannot eat any food after midnight... which Mama thinks is funny, for some reason. She keeps calling me her little gremlin! What is that all about?

But one more good news is... remember the puppies from our Puppypalooza post? The last two were adopted yesterday! Yay!

Okay, wish me luck everyone! By this time tomorrow, I will be home, snoozing! I'll tell Trixie to update you all so you know that I got through it okay.

Bye friends! I love you! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puppy Palooza!

Oh my gosh, everyone! We've been away from our blog for a while, and we can barely understand what happened to Blogger! Whats up with this weird new editor?
Oh well. We're done with our extended Bloggy Break and Mama is feeling much better lately! In fact, we've got lots of interesting things coming up in the weeks ahead! But first, you might remember that Mama was puppysitting for some newborn puppies a while back and we promised to show you pictures. Everyone loves puppy pictures! Well, here they are... But sorry for the blurriness of some of the pictures! All Mama has is her cellphone to take pics with, and since the dogs are all black sometimes they come out as blobs!

This is the puppies' Mama (Not to be confused with our Mama!) 

 Their Mama was a stray dog who was rescued from a kill shelter by Almost Home Foundation. When they rescued her, they were told by the kill shelter people that she had had many, many litters of puppies... they could tell by her large nipples and saggy belly. But when the Almost Home Foundation people brought her to the vet,  the vet said, "THIS DOG IS PREGNANT AGAIN!" The dog, nicknamed "Mama" for obvious reasons, was so bored by her puppies. She could barely stand to nurse them... she was just tired of being a mama! OUR Mama would have to pet her and pet her to keep her still when the little munchkins nursed.
First, Mama puppysitted the puppies when they were about three weeks old. They were so tiny... although not as tiny as Lily was when she was three weeks old! These are black lab puppies, so they were already growing fast!

 Pay special attention to the one with the brindle paws. Mama loved this puppy especially because she reminded her of our big sister Chopper who is at the Rainbow Bridge! Look at Chopper and then look at the brindle legged puppy. See the resemblance?

All of the puppies in their "Whelping Box."  When they weren't nursing, they were sleeping, playing, or....

 ... crying! "Someone take me out of this box!"

The next time Mama watched the puppies, they were about six weeks old. Now they were starting to get a little bigger, and transitioning to solid food! Five times a day, Mama had to mush up puppy food mixed with special puppy formula (like milk) and yogurt, heat it in the microwave, and serve it to the little monsters.

They "graduated" from a whelping box to a giant cage! You can't see it, but the age was separated into two sections, so they could go through the door to the second section to use the bathroom. There was also a small cage in there with blankets, which was suppsed to be their bedroom. These were definitely some spoiled puppies with their own apartment! 

They liked to swim in their water dish!

Even though they were only "transitioning" to solid food, some of them would steal their Mama's food when our Mama took them out to play! (Of course it is our Mama's favorite brindle-legged puppy who is the culprit in lots of these pictures!)

Whenever our Mama would walk into the room, the puppies would cry and yelp at her! You can see their Mama in this picture too, saying, "Calgon, take me away!"

A puppy stealing their Mama's bone.
 Playtime in the kitchen.

Mama loved this little puppy so much because it looked like Chopper!

"I want to nurse!"

Then, Mama didn't see the puppies for a few more weeks. By the time she saw some of them, it was at the adoption show, and the puppies were ready to get adopted! Here they are in their cage at Petsmart! They just about trippled in size since Mama last saw them, weighing between 7 and 12 pounds! Mama thinks they remembered her, because when she picked them up they wiggled all over the place and licked her like crazy!

And now for the good news... Just about everyone has been adopted! The puppies' Mama was actually the first to be adopted. She went to a wonderful home where she has a golden retriever sister to play with and a nice, big yard!

At last notice, five of the seven puppies had been adopted, all by awesome families! And the best news of all, to our Mama, was that her very favorite brindle legged puppy was adopted by the daughter of the couple who had been fostering them! The foster parents still babysit their grandpuppy during the day. This means that our Mama will get to see that puppy once in a while. Her new name is Mollyanna!There were still two puppies left as of this past Saturday.... Steevie and Janny. (Janny is the tiniest one, weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds.) So if you live in the Chicago area and are thinking of adding a black lab puppy to your family, be sure to contact Almost Home Foundation!

Well, that ends our PuppyPalooza post. We hope you liked it! We promise, we'll be back posting more ASAP... we've really missed all of our bloggy friends!

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