Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost Home Foundation Dogs: Norway, the Little Fox!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the feature of this blog where we interview a dog from Almost Home Foundation every week! This week we would like to interview a fox.

Norway: "Hold it! I'm not a fox!" 

TLS: "What? You're not?"

N: "No, of course not! I'm a dog!"

TLS: "Are you sure? Because you look like a fox to us!"

N: "I'm a Shiba Inu mix, actually. We are known for looking like foxes! But I am very sure I'm a dog!"

TLS: "Oh! Sorry! We thought you were a fox, for a minute! Anyway, let us introduce Norway, the two-year-old Shiba Inu mix dog who needs a home."

N: "Hello!"

TLS: "So, why is a cute little fox... I mean, dog... like you looking for a home?" 

N: "I was a stray dog not long ago. The Animal Control people thought I was a lost dog, and they were trying to catch me so they could help me go home. But it took them two weeks to catch me! You know why? I am a fast runner! And all of my thick fur helped me to be right at home living outside in the snow."

TLS: "But they finally caught you?"

N: "Yes. And they looked for my owners. But I didn't have a tag. And nobody had reported me missing. Nobody came looking for me. I guess my old owners didn't want me anymore!"

TLS: "They must be crazy!"

N: "I don't know. Maybe. I've been told I'm a very good dog. I love people, including kids. I love other dogs, too! Sometimes I get nervous when bigger dogs bark at me or hit me with their paws when I first meet them. But I love to play! I live with three other dogs, and we play all the time! I am also very gentle with smaller dogs. I think little dogs are so cute! I just sniff them and lick them!" 

TLS: "Do you like cats?"

N: "I don't know. I've never met a cat. But they're kinda like small dogs, right?"

TLS: "Are you okay with kids?"

N: "Sure! I like to lick them and play with them, and I like it when they pet me and cuddle with me!"

TLS: "Now for the embarrassing question..."

N: "Yes, I am housetrained." 

TLS: "Sorry, we always have to ask. How about crate trained?"

N: "Yeah, I stay in my crate while my foster parents are at work. I don't mind it. I'd rather be with my family, though!" 

TLS: "What do you like to do in your spare time?"

N: "I love to run and play! I think the snow is awesome! I am happy to play with anyone... dogs or humans. I bet I would like water, too! I love to take walks. I love to get my belly rubbed. I am a very happy dog!"

TLS: "Do you know any tricks?"

N: "I can sit, lay down, and shake hands. I would like to learn more tricks, if my new family wants to teach me!"

TLS: "Everyone wants to know... do you shed?"

N: "A little. Not a ton. Don't hold it against me! Most dogs shed at least a little!"

TLS: "We understand. We all shed, too. What would your ideal family be like?"

N: "I think I'd like a house with a fenced-in yard where I could run... or regular trips to a dog park. I'd like an active family who would do a lot with me. They would play with me and spend time with me. I would be interested in trying out agility training... my foster mom says I'd be great at that! I especially want a family who will love me forever!"

TLS: "We want that for you, too! We know you'll find a great home soon, Norway!"

If you're interested in meeting Norway, you can email his foster mom at or call (847) 212-6701. He'll be waiting!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smarty Sunday: KEEP Your Pets Smart!


Hi everyone! Its me, Sammy-Joe, with your weekly installment of Smarty Sunday! Every Sunday I try to find away to make you a little bit smarter!

This week I wanted to talk to you about helping your pets to stay smart. Some of the symptoms I'm about to talk about might make you feel sad... but keep reading, because there is better news ahead!

We all know that some humans can get Alzheimer's Disease, which makes them forget more and more things over time. You may not know that pets can also get something similar, called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Veterinary experts mostly know about it in dogs, but it also occurs in cats. In dogs, symptoms may start appearing when they are over the age of 8. Cats often live longer than dogs, and our symptoms might not start showing up until we are 12. 

There is an acronym for the symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. The acronym is DISH.
D= Disorientation. A dog may seem lost or confused even in his own house or yard, or forget what he's supposed to be doing outside; fail to respond to his name; act like he doesn't recognize his familiar humans; or do things like try to go through the wrong side of the doggie door or the hinge side of a door. A cat might show confusion by not recognizing his familiar humans, forgetting where his litter box, food and water are, or getting "stuck" in places and forgetting how to get out. 
I=Interactions. The way a dog or cat interacts with people and other pets may change. They may not be as outgoing or attention seeking as they used to be, and maybe seem less enthusiastic when they greet you. 
S=Sleep Disturbances. They may sleep more during the day and less at night (when they used to do the opposite.) You may hear your dog pacing around all night, or your cat meowing and crying at night. 
H=House training. Pets might start having accidents around the house, even though they used to be house trained. Dogs may forget to ask to go outside, or they may go outside, and forget what they were supposed to do, then go inside the house and have an accident. Cats may forget where their litter box is or forget that they are supposed to use it. 

Okay. Those are the signs of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in pets. But you need to know that it can be delayed, prevented, and even treated!

One of the best ways to delay or prevent Cognitive Dysfunction in your pets is to keep their minds stimulated. The best way to do this is with interaction. When you are not interacting with your pets, they are often just sitting around. Even if you let your dogs outside to play, they may just sit around out there because you are not there for them to impress! Take dogs for regular walks so they can see, smell, hear and interact with new things. Play with your dogs and cats every day. Its not just for our amusement, but for our health! 

If you are gone during the day, you can still keep your pets stimulated by providing challenging toys. For instance, you can buy or make toys that dispense treats or pet food as your pet plays with them. You can even hide these around the house so your pets have to hunt for them! Rotating toys regularly can also keep us stimulated. Even if we own a hundred toys, if it is the same hundred toys year after year, we can get bored. It is better to give us five toys for a few weeks, and then a few new and different toys for a few weeks. We know some of our bloggy pet friends have humans that put away certain toys and take them out only at certain times, so that they stay exciting and special to the pets! 

If you have an indoor cat, you might like to put a bird feeder near a window, where your cat can see out and watch the birds. We also enjoy cat trees with lots of hiding spaces and things to climb on! 

You should also continue training us. Just like humans should be lifelong learners, so should pets! Work with us and teach us new tricks and habits, on a regular basis. 

Our diets can also make a difference. We should eat foods that are low in fat, and rich in Vitamins E and C, fruits and vegetables, and Omega-3 (Hey, see our FlaxyPet giveaway for more info about Omega-3!  

If we do begin to show signs of Cognitive Dysfunction, there are medications available, and also a prescription pet food, that can help make the symptoms less severe. 

So, everyone go play with your pets! Have fun and enjoy us, because that will help us to live healthier, happier lives!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Can You Comment?

Attention everyone! Attention! If you are unable to comment on our posts, please send us an email at and let us know... also tell us which browser you were using! We have been hearing that some people are unable to comment and we are going to ask the Blogspot people about it.
Also, if you want to enter the giveaway but were unable to comment, just email us and we'll enter you! 
OK. As you were. 

We Made Flax and Parmesan Dog Treats!

Hi everyone! Yesterday when we wrote about our FlaxyCat and FlaxyDog giveaway, we promised you a recipe for dog treats using flaxseeds. So here it is! By the way, we found this recipe (and somewhat adapted it for our own attention spans) from

First you should turn on your oven to 400 degrees, to get it preheated. 

Here are your ingredients: Flax Seeds (We're using some of our FlaxyDog, of course!), water, and Parmesan Cheese. You will also need a baking tray, parchment paper, and an oven. And something to mix the dough with, like a spoon.

Mix 1 CUP of Flaxseeds with 1/2 CUP of Water. Add about 1/2 A CUP of Parmesan cheese. Mix it and knead it until it resembles dough. Mama forgot to take a picture of this, so use your imagination! 

Place a piece of parchment paper onto a baking tray. Set the dough on top of the paper. 

Cover this with a second piece of parchment paper. You can actually roll the dough while it is between the two sheets of parchment paper, if you want to avoid making a mess! If you don't have a rolling pin, you can use a jar of peanut butter. Thats what our Mama did! 

Pop the whole thing into the oven! 

Its now time to wait impatiently in front of the oven for 15 whole minutes! 

Finally, take the batch out of the oven! You can cut or tear into pieces that are just the right sizes for the dogs in your house. And don't forget to label them DOG TREATS so the humans don't steal them! (We did find the exact same recipe on a HUMAN health food site, so... the humans might really try to steal these! 

Remember to enter our giveaway if you'd like to win some FlaxyDog or FlaxyCat for yourselves! The deadline is next Friday, March 4, at 3:00 pm Central. Good luck! 

PS. We have an EMERGENCY BLOGATHON coming up starting on March 5 to raise money for an Almost Home dog named Apollo who needs expensive medical treatment. We're going to be raffling off lots of great items during those ten days. Each raffle entry will be $1.00 (so if you donated $10.00, you could enter ten times, either spending ten tickets on one item or spreading them out throughout the ten days!) We have some great companies donating things, PLUS our Mama has come up with a few creative things to raffle off too... so please save the date! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review and Giveaway: FlaxyCat and FlaxyDog

Hi everyone! We got something new in the mail today and we get to share it with you!
Sometimes we hear humans talking about how flaxseeds are good for them. Flax seeds are full of fiber, which helps with your digestion and can help prevent things like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Flax seeds also have lots of protein and vitamins in them. And they have lots of Omega-3, which is really good for humans. It can reduce their risk of things like heart disease and stroke. We know of humans who like to mix flaxseeds in with their foods, or use it in recipes.

But we just found out that flaxseeds are also good for pets!

The people from FlaxUSA sent us some samples of their FlaxyCat and FlaxyDog products. Our Mama has been sprinkling some of it into our food every day. It doesn't change the taste of our food at all... although for some reason we all get really excited when we see her mixing it into our bowls! We know that the flax in our food is giving us all the same benefits that humans can get from it, like healthier hearts and better digestion. Eating it regularly can give us healthier joints, healthier skin, shiny coats, more energy, and faster healing when we do get sick.

Our Mama told us that huskies that are sled dogs are given flax oil regularly because it helps give them strength and energy, and helps to heal their paws. (Apparently they get lots of little cuts on their paws from all that running in snow and ice!)

Mama also read that Omega-3 (which is found in flaxseeds) can help stop the growth of cancerous tumors in pets. Can you believe that? She read that tumors can use simple carbohydrates (found in regular white flour, and sugar) to grow larger... but they cannot use the complex carbohydrates found in flaxseeds.

Eating flax can also help pets with allergies, itchy skin, and even mild arthritis!

We learned something else too. We know a lot of our friends who like to make their own dog treats. Did you know you can actually replace all or some of the flour in these recipes with flax? Or just add some flax into the recipe! Then your treats are not only delicious, but healthy too! Mama said tomorrow she is going to bake some treats for us using the flax seeds, just to show all of you how it can be done! (She would have done it today, but she had a lot of homework, and now Gramma is on her way home from work, and Mama cannot bake when Gramma is around because Gramma makes her too nervous! LOL!)

FlaxUSA has a special way of preparing their flax so it's at its healthiest. First, they use high quality flaxseeds grown by North Dakota farmers near where their business is located. They choose to use Golden Omega Flaxseed, as opposed to Brown Flaxseed, because the Golden kind has a better flavor that blends well with foods. The Brown kind can make foods taste bitter.

They clean the seeds rigorously. Then they grind the flaxseeds using a special method called Real Cold Milled, which keeps the flax fresh for 22 months. Other, more common ways of grinding the flaxseeds can take away the effectiveness of the Omega-3s and cause the flax to not last as long.

The FlaxUSA people also sent us four extra containers of flax. Guess why? So some of you can try it out too! We have two containers of FlaxyDog and two containers of FlaxyCat. Follow the directions to enter the giveaway. On Friday, March 4, at 5:00 pm Central, we will choose four winners to send the containers to!

1. Leave a comment. Make sure, in your comment, to give us a way to contact you. If you comment with your Blogger profile or other url, we can find you at your blog even if you don't give us your email. But some people just comment anonymously, as, say, MIKE... with no email, or link, or anything!
2. In your comment, let us know if you want to enter for the FlaxyDOG, FlaxyCAT, or BOTH.
3. You get one free entry just for being you. Here's how to get extra entries... and if you do any of these things, let us know in your comment.
    - Visit the FlaxUSA website and tell us one interesting thing you saw there.
    - "Like" FlaxUSA on Facebook.
    - Find a recipe for a dog or cat food or treat that includes Flax, and post it in a comment here. (That will get you TWO extra entries!)

Good luck, everyone! We hope you win!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Almost Home Foundation Dogs: Winnie Is A Winner!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the feature of this blog where we interview a different Almost Home Foundation dog each week. First of all, we wanted to let you know that Cabernet... the dog who was thrown from a moving car... has been adopted! Hurray!

On Saturday when Mama was volunteering, she fell in love with two dogs! One of them was Brindy, the cutest little brindle pitbull puppy! Mama was sitting on the floor and Brindy (who was not the dog Mama was in charge of) kept coming up and plunking herself down in Mama's lap! She just wanted to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle! Mama wanted us to interview Brindy... but Brindy got adopted that very day! We can't even find a picture of Brindy on the Almost Home Foundation site to show you. They must have moved her off of the Adoptable site but not put her on the Adopted site yet! She was so cute and sweet. Mama almost cried when Brindy got adopted because it meant she won't see her again.... but we're happy that great dog has a home!

The other dog Mama loved was Winnie, the puppy who Mama was actually in charge of. Winnie is 8 months old,  and spent the entire day trying to play with other dogs! (We say trying because not all of the other dogs were happy to play.) When he gets excited, he hops up and down on all fours, like a pogo puppy! He's really cute and needs a home, so lets welcome Winnie! (By the way, this photo doesn't do him justice... but he was so excited to be around other dogs, it was hard to get him to hold still for a picture!)

W(Winnie): "Hi! Hi! Hi! Are you dogs? Do you want to play? Lily looks small like me. We should wrestle! Hey, Sammy-Joe, you're small too, but you don't look like a dog! Do you want to play? Trixie, you're bigger than me! Will you eat me? Hi everyone!"

TLS (us): "BOL! Slow down, gym shoe! We'll play with you later, but first we have to ask you some questions so we can help find you a great home."

W: "Oh, good, a home! I like home! I had a home once. When I was a tiny puppy some people bought me from a pet store. But they didn't want me any more so they sent me to the pound!

TLS: "Who wouldn't want a cute puppy like you?"

W: "Well. they had a little kid and they were trying to potty train him and me at the same time. They thought it was too hard to try to potty train both of us. We both kept having accidents! The people felt like they were always cleaning up pee! They said one of us had to go. And for some reason society frowns on sending human babies to the pound. So... it was me who had to go away." 

TLS: "What a hard situation. We want to remind everyone who might be looking for a pet, to think about these things. Dogs take work! If you're already overloaded with your kids or your job or something, and you think you won't have enough time to take care of your dog... you probably shouldn't get one right now."

W: "Yes! But I am not so much work anymore! I live in a foster home now, and they have house trained me really well! I now know. We pee and poo outside, not inside."

TLS: "We hear that you really love other dogs!"

W: "Yep, I'm always ready to play! I prefer small dogs like me, because we can play without getting hurt. But I wouldn't mind playing with bigger dogs, as long as they promise not to eat me. At the adoption show yesterday, there was a giant pit bull puppy named Brindy who was biting my ear!"  

TLS: "She was just trying to play, right?"

W: "Yep, she's  puppy like me and she wanted to play... but I'm really attached to my ears!"

TLS: "Do you like kids?"

W: "Sure, they're fun! I am a puppy though, and sometimes when we puppies play, we like to nibble each other. If I get excited while playing with you, I may nibble your hands! It doesn't really hurt. But some little kids might still get upset."

TLS: "But you can learn not to do that, right?"

W: "Of course! I'm a smart dog, and I can learn anything!"

TLS: "What would be the perfect home for you?"
W: "I love to be around people. So I would love a home where someone can be home with me a lot of the time! If you work long hours and do not have time for me, I might be lonely. I am hoping for a home where people will pet me, cuddle me, play with me, and love me!"

TLS: "We know you'll find that perfect home soon, Winnie. Good luck!"

W: "Thanks! Can we play now?"
TLS: "Sure, lets play!"

If you think Winnie would be a great dog for you, you can visit Almost Home Foundation's website and fill out an inquiry form, or call them at (630) 582-3738. 
We hope you'll find your new best friend! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh No!

The blog is somehow completely messed up right now! The sidebar has gone to the bottom, and nobody can click on individual posts or make comments. What is going on! We are so upset! HALP!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Visitor

Our Mama says to tell you she's been very busy all day today, and will be busy for part of tomorrow, because her little cousin Lucas, age 6, is staying with us for the weekend! He's a handful! So far today Mama, Gramma and Grampa, and Lucas, have played lots of games of Uno, colored, gone through the car wash, gone out to dinner, and went glo-golfing! Tomorrow morning they are going to go bowling and probably do more coloring and Uno playing! So Mama doesn't have time to read our friends' blogs to us, plus Smarty Sunday will probably be late tomorrow. Luke just went to bed, and even though its only nine, our Mama is exhausted and wants to go to bed too! So, goodnight, everyone! We'll visit you all as soon as we can! 

And Now For The Truth

Thanks, everyone who took a guess at our four truths and one lie in yesterday's post! Today we thought we'd set things straight. To help us out, we got Maury Povich to come over to our house with his lie detector test! Welcome, Maury! What are the results?

Maury: "You told us that Lily is Trixie's biological puppy. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "You got us! Nope. Lily is not Trixie's biological puppy. We look a lot alike. But Lily's biological parents were dogs who belonged to the people who USED to be our Mama's friends!"

Maury: "You told us that Trixie has never had puppies before. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!" 

Us: "Busted again. Trixie did have puppies, when she was less than nine months old. She was a stray dog back then."

Maury: "You told us that Lily's father was a pug. Our lie detectors determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "BOL! We think pugs are totally cute. But  Lily's birth mother was part poodle and part maltese, and her father was part chihuahua and part rat terrier."

Maury: "You told us that when your Mama first got Sammy-Joe, she was told that he was a girl. Our lie detector determined that that is the TRUTH!"

Us: "Yes, its true! Our Mama's friend picked out Sammy-Joe from a pet store, as a birthday present for our Mama. (We don't condone giving pets as surprise presents, or buying them from pet stores, but luckily it worked out well in this case!) Our Mama's friend asked for a girl kitten because she thought a girl would be calmer than a boy. She originally picked out a little brindle kitten, but the pet store people told her it was a boy. So she picked out Sammy-Joe, and was told that he was a girl! A week later when Mama took him to the vet for his first shots, the vet told her that Sammy-Joe was a boy!"

Maury: "Finally, you told us that Sammy-Joe was a shelter kitty. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "You're right. Like we explained before, Sammy-Joe came from a pet store! But we are not sure that there are kitty mills, the way there are puppy mills. The pet store he came from often bought unwanted "accidental" kittens from local people, and we think that is probably how Sammy-Joe came to be. Thanks, Maury, for being on our blog!"

Maury: "Any time, guys! Now, I've gotta go find some baby daddies!"

Well. That was interesting, wasn't it? 

By the way, you'll be happy to know that the flamingo who was buried in the blizzard is now thawing out and doing much better. He's even looking a little pinker, don't you think?

Join the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

We Are Liars With Our Pants On Fire!

Hi everyone! We are excited to have gotten a new award that we've never even seen before! Our friend Oz the Terrier at A Canine Opines sent it to us! Check this out!

The rules of this award are weird. Here they are:

1. You must proudly display the graphic that Naomi created.  Its presence in our award celebration is crucial to the memetastic process she is creating!

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced LIES!!!!

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you know (be ready, friends!).

Okay. so first, the five things about us. Can you guess which one is true? 

1. Lily is Trixie's biological puppy.

2. Trixie has never had puppies before.

3. Lily's father was a pug.

4. When our Mama first got Sammy-Joe, she was told that he was a girl!!

5. Sammy-Joe was a shelter kitty. 

Which one do you think is true? We'll give you the answer tomorrow!

And now, to nominate five other bloggers! We're going to try to look for awesome bloggers we've never passed anything along to before... so... lets see... how about... 

Okay, you five! Enjoy your new award! We can't wait to see who can guess which of the five things is true! :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

So... Are You Pregnant?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Searching For Spring

We keep hearing pets and humans talking about spring being on its way. With the temperature in the 40's today, we decided to go searching for spring in our backyard! 

This dilapidated snowman Mama built seems to be shrinking a little. Is that a good sign?

"Spring? Can you hear me?" 

Oh no! This flamingo has been buried in the snow so long, he turned blue! 

"Help! Does anyone know flamingo CPR?"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BarkWorld Conference And Expo

Hi everyone! We've mentioned before that Mama really wants to go to BlogPaws this year. We're trying to save up money... which is difficult because Mama doesn't have a job right now, and Gramma thinks if Mama does get a job she should save it and not spend it on conferences, so we're trying to compromise by saving up our 
blogging money for BlogPaws. But, in case Mama doesn't get to go, there is always the BarkWorld Expo! It takes place at the end of September, which gives us an extra month to try to save up. 

(Like we've said before, Mama is a student so the fees for both BlogPaws and BarkWorld are half price and she can afford that. Its the nightly hotel fee, and plane fare, that makes it impossible!)

The one thing we liked about BarkWorld is that they give us a chance to raise money for our favorite charity (Almost Home Foundation, of course) by putting a referral link on our blog. For everyone who registers for BarkWorld using OUR site, 15% of the ticket fee will go to Almost Home Foundation! 

So. If you're planning to go to the BarkWorld Expo, PLEASE use our referral link! The cost is the same. the only difference is that our charity will get some of the proceeds! 

OK. Thats all we wanted to say! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Lots of love!

Our Mama gave us our Valentine's treats that she made yesterday. She tried to take a picture of us eating them, but we gobbled them down too fast! (Not all at once of course... we're going to savor them one per day!

Here's what they turned out looking like, though...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smarty Sunday: How To Make Valentines Ice Cream Treats For Pets!

 Hi everyone! Welcome to Smarty Sunday, the feature of this blog where I show you something smart, like a book review, cool website, or news story about pets! 

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, Mama and I thought we'd show you how to make some delicious ice cream treats for pets. 

We did some research online and found a couple different recipes, but we adapted this one for what we had around the house. 

Mama found this heart shaped ice cube tray at Dollar Tree and she thought it would be perfect for our Valentine's Day treats! You don't need to use a heart shaped tray, if you don't have one. A regular ice cube tray would be fine.

"Uh.... what are you up to, Mama? Making anything good for me?"
"No, Lily, nothing at all. Scamper away and bark at the vacuum cleaner or something."

You will also need peanut butter, and yogurt. One variation is to use plain or vanilla yogurt, and add in mashed bananas. We are fresh out of bananas... and Trixie and Lily don't really like bananas anyway... so our Mama used strawberry banana yogurt. It doesn't really matter what peanut butter you use. Grampa loves Peter Pan, but I hear that choosy moms choose JIF, and that for good nutrition its hard to beat Skippy, and of course the regular store brand is probably fine too! Mama likes Dannon yogurt because they are having a contest where the foil on top of the yogurt has a letter on it, and if you collect the right letters to spell certain words, you win prizes. Mama is such a sucker for that kind of thing! But really, use whatever brand of yogurt you like. We've also read that some people like to add honey! 

Mix some of the yogurt in with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. The amounts are not exact. Our Mama used about half a carton of yogurt, and three spoonfuls of peanut butter. You might need to use more of each, if you are making more, of course!

Now, all you have to do is spoon the mixture into the little compartments.

It might be a good idea to label the treats, so the humans know not to eat them. (Everything in the treats is okay for humans to eat... but do we want them to eat our treat? No way! Its ours! So, tell your human to label it!)

Finally, put them into the freezer! When they are frozen, they're ready to be enjoyed!
We can't wait to eat our delicious Valentine's Treats! I know Trixie and Lily will love them! I am not sure if I am a big fan of peanut butter, myself, but I'll find out. Mama said, fi I don't like it, she'll sneak me some tuna instead. :)

Happy Smarty Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Come To The PawPawty!

Hi! We just found out about PawPawties this weekend and we're still a little confused... but we learned that basically they are virtual parties on Twitter, and they are put on to raise money for a different shelter each month. And this month they are actually helping two shelters... one of which is Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL! Save-A-Pet is a special shelter to our Mama because, when she was a little kid, her family rescued their very first puppy from there! 
Zip was a little black lab mix who had been abused and was terrified of people when she first came to live with Mama's family... although she became really good friends with their parakeet! She and the parakeet would chase each other around and share each other's toys!

After a while though, she did become very attached to our Mama and her family, and Mama loved her very, very much. 

Sadly, Zip died of cancer at the age of only six. It broke our Mama's heart! 

Our Mama is broke right now but she did make a small donation in Zip's honor. We hope you will come to the PawPawty too! All you have to do is go to Twitter, and do a search for #PawPawty. Then, every time you want to say something in the pawty, make sure to incude #PawPawty in your entry! 

And if you would like to make a donation, here is the link to the chip-in. It says the donation is for an animal charity in the UK... which it is... but the way that they're donating to Save-A-Pet is, Pedigree is making a matching donation. Whatever is raised for the Animal Welfare League in Queensland, that same amount will be donated to Save-A-Pet!

We just wanted to let you know because we couldn't let this go by without making a mention of it, in honor of our long lost big sister Zip!
Wasn't she beautiful?

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