Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does Anyone Want a BlogPaws Roomie?

Hi everyone! Mama was just doing some thinking, and as she's been getting a few large childcare conference jobs over the summer, she says the possibility exists that we could go to BlogPaws! (By we, really, we mean Lily and Mama, since Trixie really belongs with Gramma and Grampa and they don't like her to board airplanes and travel the country. Besides, Lily's small, compact size makes her easier to bring on the airplane... and Mama has a doctor's paper saying she can bring Lily on the airplane in her lap instead of in the baggage!) 

Then we had an idea that could make BlogPaws even more likely for us. We thought, maybe Mama and Lily could find a roommate for the hotel! That would cut the cost of the hotel stay in half, which would be a big help! 

So, our question is... does anyone, who is already planning to go to BlogPaws, want a roommate? (Even if you have two people going and your two beds are filled, Mama and Lily would not mind sleeping in one of those rollaway cots, or even on a sleeping bag on the floor!)

Mama and Lily are both a little shy, but they get along well with just about everyone. (There are a few mean people they don't like, but those people would never be found in BlogPaws. They don't even like dogs!) They are clean and mild-mannered, and they are very unobtrusive. For instance, if you want to go to bed early, they can read quietly or leave and go for a walk without bothering you. And if you want to stay up totally late, you don't have to worry about keeping them up... they can sleep through it! They will let you use the bathroom first, they will clean up their own messes, and if one of you is a doggie, Mama will give you (the doggie) lots of belly rubs and ear rubs! Lily might bark at you at first, but thats just because she's shy and because she wants to protect Mama. 

We also entered the BlogPaws caption contest for a free trip to BlogPaws... so in the unlikely event that we win, after we already found a roommate, you could share our room for free if you'd like! 

So... would anyone want to let Mama and Lily crash with them at BlogPaws? If so, please raise your paw!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Haz Box

Oh hi, its me, Sammy-Joe!

I found this great new box to sit in.

What? What are you looking at? You think this box is too small?

Well, I don't remember asking you!

I went through all of the trouble of knocking this box off of a shelf, just so I'd have somewhere new and exciting to sit.

I think it fits me perfectly!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Great Day At the Red Door Shelter Walkathon!

Hi everyone! Its me, little Lily! I had the very best day ever yesterday! Mama took me to the Red Door Shelter's Walkathon. Trixie didn't get to come because she is a little more mischievious than me, and Mama thought she'd have trouble wrangling us both in a crowded place. I, on the other hand, am such a Mama's girl, Mama knew I would be on my best behavior because I'd always want to be right there with her. We did win a stuffie toy for Trixie and brought it home for her... but then I stole it and shook all the stuffies out. But that is beside the point. 

The Red Door Shelter, incidentally, is where your friend and mine, Mr. Pip, was adopted from! And guess what?


Pip smelled just like I always imagined he would.

Mama thought Pip was so cute and she couldn't stop petting him and playing with his big, ewok-like ears! 

We took a nice walk. We took the short version of the walk because Pip's tiny little legs were getting tired and his human sister was hogging the stroller! Also, I was a little nervous, so I kept walking three steps at a time and then going back to make sure my Mama was there. Then I was trying to walk between my Mama's feet for extra protection. Between me and Pip, walking was kinda getting difficult! So our Mamas decided that the walk was more of a symbollic thing and we didn't have to walk the whole way. We headed back to the park!

Pip and I may look like we're ignoring each other, but we were actually just tired of getting our pictures taken. Our Mamas are worse than the paparazzi! 

They had an indoor gym set up with music and food for everyone! 

They had given us a nice, big treat bag for participating in the Walkathon. Here is Mr. Pip, checking ours out to make sure nobody snuck a bomb in there! 

We didn't stay inside long because Mama gets claustrophobic. When we went back outside to get some fresh air, we ran into Neeko S. Spaulding and his brothers! We all had a big sniffing fest. That black and white dog also got involved. 

I pause as Mama gives me a nice skritch under the chin. I'm smiling because of all the fun I'm having!

Here is cute little Neeko!

These are Neeko's brothers... Leo is the one in front, and Ray is the one grinning in back. I think. I sometimes have trouble remembering which is which! 

The parents wanted to take some pictures of all us little doggies on our playdate. All the other dogs were sitting so nicely for the camera, but I just wanted to sit on Mama! I like to stick to her like white on rice! Here she is trying to shove me into the picture. 

Mama and I stayed until the end. Pip's Mama also stayed until the end because she had to help clean up. You can tell Pip and I are both very tired from our long, wonderful day! We're just sort of spacing out. 

Once I got home I was so exhausted, I just lay down on my bed for a nice nappy time!

It was the best day ever! Pip, Neeko, Leo and Ray, I was so happy to meet you! I hope we can play together again someday! 

Friday, June 10, 2011


ALERT! ALERT! If you have previously told us you couldn't comment on our blog, we just got advised by Anakin that it might have been because we were using an embedded comment form. We are now trying a full page comment form... so if you haven't been able to comment, please try it out, and let us know if it works! 

And now for our irregularly scheduled post.

Mama says she just realized she has a ton of pictures of us laying around. She says it makes us seem like all we ever do is lay around! Worried that she'd make us get out and run a few laps, we tried to explain to her... first of all, it is hard for her to take pictures of us in motion with her junky cellphone camera. Any pics she takes of us outside or playing tend to be blurry. And second of all... well, just look at us! Any time you saw us laying like this, wouldn't you just have to take a picture?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kinda Wordless Wednesday: My Dogs Are Cool!

The sign says:
"My Dog Is Cool! Because I pledge never to keave Trixie and Lily in a hot car! We will help spread the word to others and save lives."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Luv This Beautiful Weather!

Hi everyone! Here in Chicagoland, it has finally quit raining and/or snowing, and the doggies among us love the sunshine! We soak up so much of it, Mama thinks we'll get suntans!
Mama lets us go out a bunch of times each day. Usually she brings her book outside, so she doesn't get bored while we lounge around. Sometimes we run around and play, or talk to our neighbor lab, and sometimes Mama brings Lily's little tennis ball outside. (Lily is amazed that her tennis ball also exists outside in the yard! Being outside makes it even more fun than usual!)
Sometimes we like to hang out by this tree. There are often squirrels and birds up there, and we bark at them to let them know who the bosses of this yard are!

But mostly, we do a lot of this.

And when Mama finally gets bored, or hungry, or has to leave, and she tells us to come in, we like to do this.

But when we do go inside, we almost always end up doing this.

Isn't it a dog's life?

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