Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rescue LuvDuv (and some Rescue Me Week updates!)

Hi everyone! During Mayzie's Rescue Me Week a few weeks ago, we promised to start writing every week to feature dogs from Almost Home Foundation who need homes. Well, Mama didn't go there for a few weeks because she was so busy with tests for school, and other things, but she did go do some volunteering there today. And she thought we should tell you about LuvDuv! 

LuvDuv is a terror. Wait, a terrier! Nope, terror might be right. Not in a bad way, though! LuvDuv is just a very mischievious and adventurous 16 month old Cairn Terrier mix. Her foster mother loves her lots and enjoys telling stories of the things LuvDuv does! A lot of these adventures involve food. For instance,  when her human foster brother left a jar of peanut butter on the floor, LuvDuv carried the entire jar down a flight of stairs so she could enjoy it in peace! She did not want to share! Keep in mind, LuvDuv is only a nine pounder, so it was pretty tough to carry that jar down the stairs. But she did it! She also managed to climb up onto a table to drink a glass of red Kool-Aid. Her foster mama couldn't figure out who drank the Kool-Aid, until she saw LuvDuv's red muzzle! We heard she did another trick once with a cup of coffee! We also hear that LuvDuv is very playful and enjoys squeaky toys, playing with her human and animal friends, and going for nice walks with her foster mom. She is also housetrained and is currently not crated while her foster mom is out. She stays out on her own and manages not to cause any trouble most of the time! She is happy for attention and love from anyone, including human adults, children, other dogs, cats, etc. She will cuddle and play with anyone who is nice to her! LuvDuv has also been known to dress up in clothes, including a straw hat. (We wish we had a picture of that!) 
We think LuvDuv would make the perfect doggie for just about anyone, as long as they have some extra attention and love to share with her! Since she enjoys being with people and other animals a lot, we hope she'll find a home with people who really love and enjoy dogs and want to spend time with her. If you think that sounds just like you, and you live in the Chicago area, dial (630) 572-3738 or email

We also wanted to share some updates about the dogs who we talked about during Mayzie's Rescue Me Week! We don't really get to know the specifics of all of the dogs... we really just know whether they were adopted or not. A lot of times we only find out from looking on Almost Home Foundation's website. But still, we thought you'd like to know!
Heathcliff, the sweet two-year-old standard poodle we wrote about, WAS ADOPTED! 
One of the days, we wrote about a hoarder who gave up 25 of her 50 dogs to Almost Home Foundation. Specifically, we wrote about Brandy and Coco. Brandy WAS ADOPTED! But Coco is still waiting for a home. Remember we mentioned how Coco was deprived of human contact for the most part, and although he is a very laid back dog, he can be very timid around new people and will just sit there and stare at them. However, he's so cuddly... in fact, Mama got to hold him for a while this morning, and he just melted into her like a teddy bear! If you live in the Chicago area and are interested in a sweet 5-year-old Griffon/Brussel/Schnauzer mix to be your own personal teddy bear, call (630)290-3384. 
Prince Pom, the very happy and loving Pomeranian mix with the great smile, WAS ADOPTED! 
Mar Lee, the adorable brindle doggie who reminded us of Mayzie herself, is still looking for a home. The website doesn't give much information about her, but strangely, they have changed her breed from an American Staffordshire Terrier mix (pittbull) to a Plott Hound! Plott Hounds are generally brindle, so this could make sense for little Mar Lee. She is now four months old and sweet as ever. If you're interested in adding a Plott Hound to your household, you could call (630) 775- 1819 for more info about Mar Lee!
Finally, Bermuda, the shy chihuahua who is wary of strangers but loyal to her loved ones, is still looking for a home. Our Mama saw her today and said she is doing great, and even getting a little better about allowing strangers to pet her. If you like chihuahuas and have the patience to get to know this sweet girl, contact her foster dad by emailing him, or calling him at 224-715-2526.
So, for Rescue Me Week, we wrote about six dogs, and three of them have been adopted. Thats not bad, is it? We'll write again next week and tell you about more great puppies! 

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What a cutie dat wittle LuvDuv is. (Me wonders how long it would take us to move to da Chicago area??)


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LuvDuv is absolutely adorable and it sounds like he would be fun to have around. We hope he finds a really good forever home.

It's always good to hear about adoptions. We hope Coco will be adopted soon.

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Hi new friends stopping by to introduce ourselves. What a cutie that kid is
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