Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Claudia's Canine Cousine Review And Giveaway

Hi everyone! Guess what! Its time for our Valentine's Giveaway! Today we have three giveaways for you! We have a fourth that is supposed to arrive any day now... its gone MIA! But for now, check out this giveaway and two others! 

We got a big surprise in the mail the other day! The president and founder of Claudia's Canine Cousine sent us three packages of gourmet dog cookies! Mama said we could keep one package for ourselves, and give two packages away to our friends. Our choices were Peanut's Peanut butter Goobers, Canine Party Bones, and Love My Luv Bones. We chose the Peanut butter Goobers! We love Peanut butter!

We really wanted to dig right in, but Mama was too busy reading the ingredients to us. First, she wanted to read the ingredients from a box of the regular dog biscuits Grampa buys for us: Wheat flour, Wheat Mill Run, Meat And Bone Meal, Poultry Biproduct Meal, Animal Fat, Salt, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Metabisfolate, and Bacon Flavor.

We don't know what most of that stuff is!

Then Mama read us the ingredients off of the back of one of the Claudia's Canine Cousine packages: Wheat flour, palm oil, corn syrup, honey, vanilla, yogurt, and food colors. Another package included carob and powdered sugar.

We know what all that stuff is! It sounds like things Mama could find around the kitchen to make her own food!

Mama told us that the  lady who started Claudia's Canine Cousine, Debbie Bohiken, really did start making them in her own kitchen. She told our Mama that her dogs were like her children and she wanted to give them top quality food and snacks.

We were kinda listening.... but we were mostly thinking, "Come on, let us try one already!" They looked so good. Some of them even had colored sprinkles on them!

Finally Mama opened the package of Peanut's Peanut Butter Goobers. The cookies were pretty big, so she broke one in half and said we'd have to share them. We didn't mind!

Come on, Mama, give us the cookie already!

They tasted as delicious as they smelled! Mama put them up on the counter, and every time we come in from our walks now, we run over to that spot and wait for her to get out a cookie for us to share.
The cookies smelled so good, Mama had to warn Gramma and Grampa that they are dog cookies, not people cookies! Although. since they're made with regular, everyday ingredients, people could probably eat them. But don't tell them that. We don't want them eating our cookies all up.
So... we have two extra packages to give away. Debbie Bohiken was hoping for some feedback and ideas from us all, and Mama told her we'd like to interview her for a future post. (Mama always likes to help out people who have started their own businesses and are making a living doing what they love!) So here's how you enter. Simply answer as many of the questions as you'd like, in your comment form. You'll get one entry for each answer. Bonus entries for following this blog!

1. What kinds of things do you look for when you shop for treats for your dogs? Are there certain ingredients and qualities that are important for treats to have, or not have?

2. How could Claudia's Canine Cousine better serve you, as a customer?

3. Do you have an idea for a treat you'd like CCC to offer? A particular type, shape, flavor, etc? What are your dog's favorite flavors?

4. Do you have a question that Ms. Bohiken can answer for us in our blog interview?

In your entry, please let us know your preference. Would you rather have the Love My Luv bones (bone-shaped biscuits with pink and purple frosting drizzled on top) or the Party Bones (a variety pack of cookies, some carob flavored, some with sprinkles, some with frosting.) The first name drawn will get their first choice.

The deadline is February 8th at 5 pm Central, and the winner will be announced on February 9th!

Okay, everyone! Good Luck!

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The Monkeys said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That looks like an awesome prize! The cookies look delicious!

Kari in WeHo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

OOOO we follow so thats a bonus :)

1. Ingredients, Mesa can't eat Chicken. Other than that we are always looking for something "new" that we haven't seen before.

2. They could serve us better by sending cooking to Los Angeles!

3. My house is full of fish fans who would love a fish based treat.

4. What kind of dogs does she have?

We would love Party Bones


5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Okay...3rd time posting is a charm (paws-crossed). We would take either box of Ms. Claudia's pawsome cookies...so we hopes we win...and wish everyone good lucks.

1. Mamas look for special treats...Iams is our "healthy" bone...otherwise they love to spoil us rotten with treats of our very own that are special...Ingredients that one can find in a supermarket is a plus.
2. To serve us better, we would love her to have her own on-line store selling her product and maybe some cute dog toys. We have to travel 30+ minutes to our local PetsMart that sells her special cookies.
3. At our house we love cheese! So cheese flavored would be pawsome...and meat flavored as well. Also, we have small mouths being pugs and all...so something that us small breads could eat easier would be pawsome...also...maybe some little treat ball cookies...like the size of a piece of popcorn...maybe something carob chip flavored...nommys!
4. What gave you the courage to make the leap into making your yummy cookies for your life's work?

Noodles said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I so need some treats! I've been on a, you know, D-I-E-T!
So here goes (BTW, I already follow you)

1.My Mommy says she will only give me natural and organic treats (I think this includes STICKS, doesn't it?. She is very directed when she shops and asks a lot of questions (kinda embarrassing. I'm all - Gimme the TREATS already!)

2. So far CCC seems to be doing the right thing. I, Noodles the Pug, need to do a taste test first. Oh! Mom???? She looks for quality and price along with earth friendly and responsible company. She's totally into the HEALTHY and HOLISTIC thingy.

3. I am a pug. I like FOOD. All I ask is it be small and smelll good. And by GOOD I mean stinky.My favorite flavors are chicken and. . . FROZEN YOGURT!

4. Where do you see your business going in 5 years? Is the current interest in fancy doggie treats a fad or here to stay?

IF I win, I so totally want a variety pack. Then I will comment on my blog as to my favorite. Promise.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my insights.
Love Noodles

Sherry said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

1. Mom likes to find treats that clean our teeth. We loooove fishy little treats and Mom says they have Omega-3, which is good for everybody.
2. We feel very deprived because we've never seen Claudia's treats before. That's why blogging about them is a great idea!
3. We Airedales like any kind of treat but we'd like the Party Bones best because we are party dogs. We even eat spinach. Mom says small treats are best so she can give them to us as rewards when we're good. We're always good but she doesn't know that.
4. We'd like to ask if Ms. Bohiken makes treats without wheat 'cause we keep meeting dogs that say they're allergic.

Oskar said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We're in a big hurry, so we can't answer all of the questions, but #3, we like peanut butter flavor best!

#1 I am looking for high-quality ingredients

I follow your blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

hoerauf at comcast dot net

Minna Krebs said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Whew! I finally found da contest entry!

#1 We don't have any real preference in treats, butt my momma does like to buy small-sizes treats........her is always wanting us to watch our waistlines.

#3 We like ANY treat, butt lately we have been enjoying some of the fruit and veggie flavors..like blueberries or carrot or sweet potato YUM

Keisha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

O hai. :) This contest sounds really fun!

1. When I get treats, they are usually the kind that are good for my teeth. I get the dental-clean ones. I also get low-calories treats, which my Mom says are important for fitness.

Thank u! :)

Levi Mac said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ok- here goes...
1. I likes flava and will pick out my treats accordingly. Mom says who am I fooling and I eat anything BOL! So she tries to get healthy ingredients or ones that will clean my teeth or do something good for my tummy.

2.We haven't tried Claudia's yet so not sure about this one. Best thing mom likes though is variety when ordering things.

3.I like liver, chicken and OF COURSE Peanut butter. I like small bones that I can eat up quick. Mom would like to see me get more veggies in though so tasty veggies is a must :)

And I follow your blog :)
Sorry I don't have any questions for your interview...

Levi Mac said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh...and I like Party Bones- any party is a good party. But I would take anything...or should I say eat anything!

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