Saturday, February 19, 2011

And Now For The Truth

Thanks, everyone who took a guess at our four truths and one lie in yesterday's post! Today we thought we'd set things straight. To help us out, we got Maury Povich to come over to our house with his lie detector test! Welcome, Maury! What are the results?

Maury: "You told us that Lily is Trixie's biological puppy. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "You got us! Nope. Lily is not Trixie's biological puppy. We look a lot alike. But Lily's biological parents were dogs who belonged to the people who USED to be our Mama's friends!"

Maury: "You told us that Trixie has never had puppies before. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!" 

Us: "Busted again. Trixie did have puppies, when she was less than nine months old. She was a stray dog back then."

Maury: "You told us that Lily's father was a pug. Our lie detectors determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "BOL! We think pugs are totally cute. But  Lily's birth mother was part poodle and part maltese, and her father was part chihuahua and part rat terrier."

Maury: "You told us that when your Mama first got Sammy-Joe, she was told that he was a girl. Our lie detector determined that that is the TRUTH!"

Us: "Yes, its true! Our Mama's friend picked out Sammy-Joe from a pet store, as a birthday present for our Mama. (We don't condone giving pets as surprise presents, or buying them from pet stores, but luckily it worked out well in this case!) Our Mama's friend asked for a girl kitten because she thought a girl would be calmer than a boy. She originally picked out a little brindle kitten, but the pet store people told her it was a boy. So she picked out Sammy-Joe, and was told that he was a girl! A week later when Mama took him to the vet for his first shots, the vet told her that Sammy-Joe was a boy!"

Maury: "Finally, you told us that Sammy-Joe was a shelter kitty. Our lie detector determined that that was a LIE!"

Us: "You're right. Like we explained before, Sammy-Joe came from a pet store! But we are not sure that there are kitty mills, the way there are puppy mills. The pet store he came from often bought unwanted "accidental" kittens from local people, and we think that is probably how Sammy-Joe came to be. Thanks, Maury, for being on our blog!"

Maury: "Any time, guys! Now, I've gotta go find some baby daddies!"

Well. That was interesting, wasn't it? 

By the way, you'll be happy to know that the flamingo who was buried in the blizzard is now thawing out and doing much better. He's even looking a little pinker, don't you think?

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That was way cool gang! I'm glad the flamingo is doing better too!

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