Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Home Dogs - McFadden, The Shelf Pup!

Hi everyone! Its been a long time since we've interviewed an Almost Home dog. But now that Mama is starting to be a little less busy, we're going to try to get back into our blogging habits! This weekend while she was volunteering, Mama met a little dog who she really loved and wanted to share with you. So today, we want to introduce you to McFadden, the shelf pup!

M: Hi everyone!

TLS: McFadden, why does Mama call you the Shelf Pup?

M: Well, as you can see from the picture, I'm standing on one of the shelves at Petsmart. Your Mama was hanging out with me at the adoption show there, and I kept getting onto the shelves! It was like my secret cave!

TLS: We can see how you would like that! So, McFadden, some people say you look like a tiny German Shepherd. Are you?

M: No! I'm a full-grown dog... even though I'm still pretty young at about thirteen months old. I am a pug/chihuahua mix!

TLS: Thats a great mix... two of our favorite kinds of dogs!

M: Thanks!

TLS: Mama says you are a little afraid of men.

M: Just a little. I don't remember what might have happened to me when I was a pup, but sometimes men freak me out when I first meet them. Of course, I can warm up to them if they spend some time with me and show me that they're not going to hurt me! It is a good idea for men (and anyone else for that matter) to sit or crouch near me and put their hand out for me to sniff, instead of towering over me or bending over me, when they first meet me. Otherwise, I might cower away and not want to go up to them! I am super close to my new foster father, so that shows that I am not too scared of men.

TLS: What about kids?

M: I think I like kids, as long as they don't hurt me! At the adoption show, a little girl came and sat by me, and I adored her! I laid in her lap with my belly up, wagged my legs in the air, and enjoyed her pets and cuddles. Kids can be great, if they know how to treat a doggie!

TLS: How about other dogs?

M: Sure! I love to play. I have a foster brother and we wrestle all the time. He's a terrier so he wants to play, literally, all the time! When he starts to annoy me, I have to growl at him and walk away. But we are good friends. And other dogs are great too! I've never met a cat, so I'd have to meet one in person and see how I feel about him. (Sammy-Joe doesn't count!)

TLS: Sensitive question time. Are you house trained?

M: Well... I'm working on it. My foster parents are trying to teach me about house training, since my previous owners forgot to cover that topic. I think I'm starting to get it, though!

TLS: What would be the perfect home for you?

M: I'm not picky. Anyone who will love me and be kind to me and never hit me. I would love to be someone's lap dog in the evenings while they are watching TV! I also love to run and play. I am soft, and cute, and very cuddly.

TLS: You sound like the perfect little dog!

M: Thanks! I hope someone will come and get me soon so I can have a forever home.

TLS: Thanks for talking with us, McFadden! Good luck!

If you live in or around Schaumburg, IL and you'd like to meet McFadden... or any of his buddies... please give Almost Home Foundation a call at 630-582-3738. You can also email them at dogs@almosthomefoundation.org. Some wonderful doggie is waiting for you! 

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Winnie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

McFadden looks like a lovely dog. Hope he finds a forever family really soon.

Love and licks, Winnie

Amber DaWeenie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a sweet little guy. I'm sure that he's.........Almost Home!

Mr. Pip said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My paws are crossed for this adorable boy!

Your pal, Pip

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