Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Hi everyone! We have our first sponsored post to share with you today! We wanted to show you an online shopping website called
You can search for anything you want to buy, on They will show you a list of things that are for sale all over the Internet. Instead of going to each store's website and searching to see what they have, you could see all of the stores together on one page!
For instance, lets say you were looking for a washing machine. They have an entire page on Fisher And Paykel washing machines for sale. It shows you washing machines available at different online stores, so you can look for exactly what you want, and compare prices.
Or maybe you want to look for a floating roman clock. We thought this meant a clock that is actually floating in the water, like a swimming pool clock or something. But when we looked on the site, we saw that it has something to do with the dial. We think it means the dial just goes around quietly, instead of going "tick tick tick tick!" See, you learn something new every day! And with, you could find a whole list of quiet clocks like that!
Maybe you want to look for some printed sheer curtains for your house. You guessed it... has a whole list of them. You could see all the different curtains that different stores have, pick the ones you like, and order them from the website!
They have coupons too. Make sure you check out the coupon section, because if there is a coupon for something you like, you'll get a code to use when you check out, and you'll save a bunch of money!
We hope you'll go visit this site and see what they have!

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