Sunday, March 6, 2011

All-Natural Mini-Paw Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

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We were so excited when the box from Delca Corporation came in the mail. We could just smell the deliciousness coming from it! We were so excited to find out that our greatest new friend Natalie had sent us some boxes of All-Natural Mini-Paw Peanut Butter Dog Cookies! She sent us three boxes... one for us to keep, and two to raffle off to our friends.

Natalie had told us that these were the most popular of all her dog treats... and we could already smell why!

Mama told us that the ingredients were all regular, human-grade ingredients... basically oats, flour, molasses,  canola oil and peanut butter.

"Stop reading the box! Please open the box, Mama! Hurry!"

"Can I eat it yet?"

The treats are delicious! They're a nice, small size, too... perfect for training treats, or for putting into one of those toys that dispenses treats. Because they're nice and small, and the box is big, we think they will last us for a long time!

Do you know who we thought about while we were eating these treats? Anakin, from Those Elgin Pugs! He sure loves peanut butter, doesn't he.

Two pets and humans who spend their raffle tickets here will win a nice big box of these dog treats! On the list, look for "Mini-Paw Peanut Butter Cookies."

Ready to get some raffle tickets? Each $1.00 that you donate to Apollo, using our ChipIn widget, will equal one raffle ticket. For instance, if you donate ten dollars, you could choose ten chances to win one particular prize, or one chance each for ten different prizes, or two chances each for five different prizes, etc. Here's the ChipIn! (You can start choosing where to spend your tickets on March 13 - March 15.)

If you want to learn more about Delca Corp, you can check out their website

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