Saturday, March 5, 2011

Penn-Plax Dog Toys

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Hi everyone! This is the last raffle item of today, and its a good one! Penn-Plaxx Pet Products donated a bunch of different toys for us to review and raffle off to you... including two dog toys!

Mama was really happy about the treat balls. Last week Sammy-Joe wrote a post about keeping your pets smart and preventing cognitive dysfunction as we get older, and one of the tips he wrote about was to give us puzzle toys that make us use our brains! Treat balls are a great way to make us work for our treats. If we have to try to figure out a way to get treats out of a ball, instead of just being handed a treat, it stimulates our minds!
Our Mama gave us the treat balls first. She took some pictures so we could show you how these treat balls work, from start to finish!

1. Dial the mouth open to the widest position!

2. Put some small treats into the mouth of the treat ball.

3. Dial the mouth of the treat ball back to as small of a closure as you want. Our Mama actually opened it up a little wider after this, so that the treats would fall out more easily as we got the hang of it.

Trixie loved the treat ball most of all! She figured out how to get the treats out right away. Lily spent a lot of time crying, "Mama! I need help!" And then Trixie tried to lend a hand (or tongue) but ended up eating Lily's treats in the process!

Next, Mama gave us the squeaky toys! These are a little bit like stuffies, but not as furry. They are made out of durable canvas, and are shaped like elephants, dogs and kitties. We were really excited about them because we love stuffies... and because these are made out of tough material, Lily hasn't been able to eat the squeakers out yet!
The reason our Mama took pictures of us while she was still holding the toys was because, when we play with them (especially Lily) we like to shake them. Mama took pictures of us playing with the squeakies, and they turned out as just big blurs! The only way she could get a nice, sitting-still picture was to hold the toys up for us to gaze longingly at.

Finally she did get a nice picture of me nibbling on a squeaky kitty!

Bookmark this blog entry as something you want to spend one of your raffle tickets on, because TEN winners can win a doggie bag with one treat ball and one stuffie! This package will be listed as "Penn-Plax Doggie Bag". Remember, on March 13, you can start tossing in your raffle tickets!

Want to buy tickets now? Here's our ChipIn widget! Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with your debit or credit card. Just click on the ChipIn, then look right beneath the PayPal login button.

Want to know more about Penn-Plax Pet Products? Visit their website or friend them on Facebook! 

Check back here bright and early tomorrow morning for the next raffle item!

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