Sunday, March 6, 2011

Earthbath Set

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I should have known, when the box from Earthbath showed up at our house, what was about to happen. Mama said our new friend Trina from the Earthbath company had sent us some shampoo, spritz, and wipes so that we could all get clean and shiny!
Lily had just had a bath a few days ago, and I hadn't had a bath in months, so guess who got picked to try out the new stuff?
First, Mama lathered me up with the shampoo. It was called Mango Tango, and I had to admit, it smelled nice! I kind of wanted to lick it! 

It took Mama forever to rinse me off because I have so much fur! She kept scrubbing me to get all the shampoo out. Of course, the scrubbing felt a lot like petting, so that part was okay! But I didn't really like being SOAKING WET!

Thank goodness, the bath ended soon. I got out, and Mama dried me off, and then I ran around like crazy! I like to roll around on the floor to try to get the smell of cleanliness off of me. This blur below is me rolling around like a potato bug!

Just when I thought it was all over, Mama spritzed me with the Mango Tango Spritzer! She told me it would remoisturize my skin and fur, and make me nice and bright and shiny. She even said we could use this between baths, so I could smell nice even when I hadn't had a bath. We knew that would make Gramma happy! 

Finally, when I was all dry, Mama wanted to brush me. She brushed and brushed. She brushes me very gently, so I kinda like it! But still, I was ready for this whole bath day to be over. 

And then, for the rest of the day, Mama kept walking up to me and smelling me! She said I smelled so nice, she just wanted to sniff me over and over. 

I'm not the only one who got nice and clean! Yvonne also sent us some Grooming Wipes! Like the spritzer, these can be used between baths, but they cleanse your fur as well as conditioning it and making it smell good. Can you think of anyone in our house who never has to take a bath, except with his own tongue? 
You guessed it! Now Sammy-Joe can smell clean and fresh too, instead of smelling like kitty spit! 

Mama said she likes Earthbath products because, like the name hints, they are made from ingredients that are earth-friendly and pet-friendly! They use all human-grade ingredients. That Mango Tango scent you smell comes from essential oils, not artificial fragrances! 
If you want to be clean and fresh smelling like  me, ask your human to spend a raffle ticket or two on this item! On the list, look for "Earthbath Kit." You and your humans will be glad you did! 

Ready to get some raffle tickets? Each $1.00 that you donate to Apollo, using our ChipIn widget, will equal one raffle ticket. For instance, if you donate ten dollars, you could choose ten chances to win one particular prize, or one chance each for ten different prizes, or two chances each for five different prizes, etc. Here's the ChipIn! (You can start choosing where to spend your tickets on March 13 - March 15.)

If you want to learn more about Earthbath, you can visit their website, "like" them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or even read their blog
More items tomorrow morning, bright and early! 

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K9friend said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Always looking for nice smelling pet products. Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks for visiting Critter Alley. We've signed on as your newest followers!


Marg said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, you are one clean and good smelling pooch. That sure looks like great shampoo and all the other stuff too. We just might have to get some of that for our doggies. Have yourselves a super week.

Anna the GSD said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Mom uses the Earthbath stuff too...she like it. Me, not so much...but I haven't sniffed the Mango before!

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