Monday, March 14, 2011

When You Need An ICBC Lawyer

Here's an announcement for any readers who may live in the Vancouver/BC area. (In case you are not familiar with ICBC, it is British Columbia's universal public auto insurance program.) Many people who are covered by ICBC are told that, if they get into an accident, they should report it to ICBC immediately. But your best bet is to call an ICBC lawyer first. A lawyer can help you navigate the system in order to get the settlement you have coming. The Tell Del team is a team of lawyers who are experts at getting through the red tape in these situations. If you use ICBC, here is a great idea. Copy down the contact information for Tell Del, and keep it in your car with your insurance information, so you can call them right away if you need to. Your first consultation with them will be free. 
Good luck, and drive safely! 

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