Monday, March 7, 2011

Recliners Are The Best Furniture Ever!

Who in the world does not love to sit in a recliner? Does such a pet or human exist? We are pretty sure everyone in the world loves to lie back and stretch out in a nice, comfy recliner. When our Mama was little, her dad had a leather recliner that was so old, it was held together with duct tape. Everyone knew that was Daddy's chair... but of course Daddy didn't mind if the kids squeezed in next to him on it! 
These days, there are so many different types of recliners! You only have to browse through to see that this is true. There are recliners that rock, glide, and swivel. There are power recliners that recline on their own with the push of a lever. There are reclining loveseats, and even sofas with recliners built in! These recliners come in all different sizes and colors and materials. Don't you think every household should have at least one recliner? 

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