Monday, March 7, 2011

Have You Set Up Your Home Bar Yet?

We're still thinking about setting up a home bar. One of our pet bloggy friends wondered if a home bar could be stocked with dog biscuits. We said, why not? A home bar would be the perfect place to host a "pawty" for your friends!
As for the humans, they're more into style. They're probably wondering, what would a home bar look like, exactly? Are you envisioning an actual bar that looks like the kind you go out to at night? Because, that would look sort of strange in your living room. But a home bar usually looks a little more fancy than that. Home Bar Select offers  home bars with finishes like Antique, Black, Cherry, Chocolate, Distressed, Espresso and Oak. (Mama's favorite is cherry because it looks almost red, and is very pretty.) Some of them can be expanded or folded, so if your space is limited, you can make your home bar more compact when you're not using it. Others just look like regular pieces of furniture, blending in perfectly with the rest of your house, until you open up the cabinets and show off all the wine and liquor (or dog biscuits) you've hidden inside!
We think having a home bar sounds like a lot of fun! 

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