Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots Of Toys from Kyjen!

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We have made so many great new friends during this blogathon! Our newest friend, Lauren from Kyjen sent us a big box of doggie toys! We got to try out a few of them, and the rest were for us to raffle off to you.

Want to see the things we got to try?
First there was this Hide-A Squirrel Puzzle Plush. Your human is supposed to hide the little squeaky squirrels inside the tree trunk. Then you are supposed to figure out how to get the squirrels out!

Lily loved playing with this toy! The directions said that Mama should rub the squirrels on herself to get them to smell like her, but Mama didn't even have to do that. All Lily had to know was that something in there squeaked! Lily dragged the tree around and worked at getting the squirrels out. Finally she realized that if she picked up the trunk and shook it crazily, the squirrel would come flying out! (Mama tried to take pictures of this, but they came out all blurry because of course Lily never stops moving.) Lily was so proud when she finally got those squirrels! 

The next thing we played with was the Real Animal Squeaker Mat! 
Boy, was it big! It was longer than Lily! 

And it had so many squeakers in it. It had at a whole bunch of squeakers in the body, and a really loud, funny sounding squeaker in the tail! 
We both loved playing with it. And, in fact, it was so big, we could both play with it at the same time!

Finally, Mama gave us a toy that would enhance our brains. She gave us a Paw Hide Dog Puzzle! 
The way it works is, Mama takes the cups out, puts treats in them, and then puts them back. We have to try to figure out how to pick up the cups to get the treats out!
We had a lot of trouble with this. We are just spoiled dogs who are used to having Mama help us. After a few minutes of sniffing like crazy at the toy, we just laid down and stared at Mama.
So, she tried something else. She replaced the cups upside down, so they'd be easier for us to knock out of the puzzle. This gave us a better idea of what we were supposed to do! After a few tries of doing it that way, we were ready to try it the right way again. Did you ever think a dog could play with a puzzle?

Now, we are raffling off each of these three toys... plus, a whole bunch of extra toys! Check out the raffle packages, so you know what to look for on the list on March 13 through 15. 

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Package: Comes with 1 Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush, plus a Real Animal Squirrel Squeaker Mat, plus a Bottle Buddy Pig

Paw Hide Puzzle Packages: Comes with 1 Paw Hide Puzzle, plus a 6-squeak Invincible toy, plus a Squeaky Squiggler Sea Monster. 

Finally, the Real Animal Fox Package: Comes with 1 Real Animal Fox Squeaker Mat, plus a Hard Boiled Softie Penguin. 

Those are going to be three really lucky raffle winners! (Our Mama had to hide all of those extra toys from us because we get all excited when we see toys, and we start crying and whining when we realize she's not giving them to us!!!) 
Ready to get some raffle tickets? Each $1.00 that you donate to Apollo, using our ChipIn widget, will equal one raffle ticket. For instance, if you donate ten dollars, you could choose ten chances to win one particular prize, or one chance each for ten different prizes, or two chances each for five different prizes, etc. Here's the ChipIn! (You can start choosing where to spend your tickets on March 13 - March 15.)
To learn more about Kyjen, you can visit their website, "Like" them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. 

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Our MOST favorite toy is the Hide-A Squirrel Puzzle Plush !! We love it! We might have to try & win this one so that we will each have our own!

Pauley James & Middy Sue

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We gave you an award! Check it out :)

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Wee knows whats it is likes to havs big vet bills and wee lovs da fact dat blogville helps each ovver outs. Wee is getting lots ov help from blogville at da moment and wee don't havs much butts we would likes to chip in our treat money. Please can yoo keep our raffle entry for yourselves as wee finks yoo deserves to win for being so carin n helpful n nice


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Mee is so sads it wont accept mi moms card mee is so sorry

PeeS. Wee will keeps tryin tho

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Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog! I read you question about Trixie and her breed. She does look, not like a Wheaten, but what we call a Wheatable (a Wheaten Mix). But if you go to this link you can send Wendy (the rescue director) photo of Trixie and she may be able to tell you. Wendy knows her Wheatens :) Hope this helps.

Angie @ Fetch

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