Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pawz Dog Boots

Hi everyone! Its me, Lily! I have the very first item that we're going to raffle off! Remember when I won a set of Pawz Dog Boots from Cooper And Lola's blog? Here's the post where I wrote all about how great my boots were. Guess what? Andrea... the lady who helped me when silly Mama ordered the wrong size of boots... says we can raffle off SEVEN sets of boots! She will offer one set of each size. So, this raffle is going to be a little different, because instead of drawing one name from all the tickets, we will be drawing one name from each SIZE! When you enter this raffle on March 13 - March 15, you'll have to tell us which size of dog boots you want to enter for.
To help you out, there is a size chart here. It is organized by breed. You can find your dog's breed and decide what size he should wear. If you are still not sure, or you have a mutt like me and don't know what breed has the closest size of feet, you could measure the bottom of your dog's foot from heel to toe. Then email Andrea and ask her what size your dog should be wearing!
Ready to get some raffle tickets? Each $1.00 that you donate to Apollo, using our ChipIn widget, will equal one raffle ticket. For instance, if you donate ten dollars, you could choose ten chances to win one particular prize, or one chance each for ten different prizes, or two chances each for five different prizes, etc. Here's the ChipIn! (You can start choosing where to spend your tickets on March 13 - March 15.)

If you want to learn more about Pawz, you can visit their website!
Next item coming up in six hours! 

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