Monday, March 7, 2011

What Do You Want On Your Headboard?

Today we would like to have a poll. What kind of headboard do you have on your bed?
What size headboard do you have? Is it a king size, queen size, full size, or twin size? Our Mama has a twin size bed and headboard. She is one of the last people to have a twin size bed. These days, many children and teens prefer full size beds instead. What about you?
Do any of you have a bookcase headboard? Our Mama would love to have one of those so she could store books and other necessities right on her bed.
Does anyone have an upholstered headboard? We think an upholstered headboard would make your bed look extra comfy. Plus, you could have it upholstered in your favorite color!
How about a sleigh headboard? Those are pretty fancy. They come in lots of different styles. They are called "sleigh headboards" because they actually do make your bed look a little like a sleigh!
We never knew there were so many different kinds of headboards. And at More Headboards, you can find them all!

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