Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walking In Circles Before Lying Down, By Merrill Markoe

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Hi everyone! Not long ago, Sammy-Joe wrote a book recommendation for Smarty Sunday, about Merrill Markoe's book Nose Down, Eyes Up. Well, Mama used one of her Paperback Swap credits to get another Merrill Markoe book called Walking In Circles Before Lying Down. It is another very funny book featuring a human who can understand dogs.

This time, the human is a woman named Dawn. As a child dealing with a narcissistic mother and an absent father, Dawn coped with her loneliness by talking to "inanimate" objects. She thought she outgrew that phase. Now she is an adult, still dealing with her narcissistic mother, an equally narcissistic boyfriend, and an exuberant sister who wants to be her life coach. The only comfort in her life is her beloved dog, Chuck. And then one day she realizes she can understand Chuck... and also all of the other dogs at the doggie daycare where she works!

Not only can Dawn now communicate with animals, but she finds that they are wise, and funny, and comforting... most of the time!

Our Mama loves this book. And you will too, if you spend a raffle ticket on it! Merrill Markoe, you are one of our favorite authors. (Even though you don't answer our fan mail!) ;)

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